Vulnerable Hearts Torn Apart

Iman dan Sofie sayang...

Aunty tahu betapa hebat dugaan yg Allah turunkan pada kalian berdua..
pada umur yang masih kanak-kanak lagi.

Aunty hanya bole berdoa dan berdoa dan berdoa agar anak-anak aunty
diberi kekuatan untuk menempuh hidup ini.

Aunty tahu perjalanan korang masih jauh...
masa depan korang masih kabur...
kenapa semua ni harus berlaku?
korang tak bersalah...
tak pasal pasal..korang jadi mangsa
mangsa keadaan..

Tapi percayalah cakap aunty..
Aunty dan Babu Ji tak akan biarkan Iman dan Sofie
ketandusan kaseh sayang
Aunty dan Babu Ji dgn tangan terbuka
rela jadi tempat korang menumpang kasih

We promise..we will be the most comfortable blanket
u'll need to keep u warm during winter..

we promise..we will be the most comfortable shoulder
for u to cry on

we promise..we will be the light in ur rooms when u r awaken
from ur sleep by a nightmare

we promise.. we will always keep u feeling safe and sound
all the time

Whatever happens....we will shower u with lots of luv!



tchersally said...


on behalf of Iman and Sophie..thank you for being here for them both..without any doubt i know that my kids will always find warmth and passion from u n Baim..

i do pray that all this turbulence would end soon .. and for the meanwhile, your and Baim's presence (all our family members )are keeping me and my kids safe and sound..

Mard said...

no idea what's going on but i do am glad that they still have people that love them...

with those loves, Insya Allah, they'll be able to face anything

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