A Birthday Wish For Shalia

God gave a gift when she was born,
A person who loves, who cares, who touches each life she enters,
who sees a person's need and fulfills it.

A person who spends energy on others rather than herself,
and makes a difference in the world.

Don't misjudge her by her size,
For all we know she's larger than life.

You are so sweet and full of grace,
People won't forget your pretty face,
Always on the go...like the "Amazing Race"
No one can challenge your incredible pace.

Small and petite..that's what you are,
Attracts people near and far,
leads the way like the Northern Star,
Never fades like the energy of solar,

Always jovial and full of wonders,
Very creative unlike the mother,
Nothing in the world that can hinder,
From making my heart for you grow fonder.



ShashaLia said...

huhu.. sgt touched..
leb u ma..

tchersally said...

sweet !!

Muhammad said...

so sweet mama...

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