Blog Revisited...

It's been quite a while since I last wrote or I should say that it's been almost a year since I last wrote .. been quite busy with family matters, work and social engagements.

Many things happened, observed and experienced. Most of which taught me a lot about life, adding wisdom which I really treasure.

POLITICS : A lot has transpired lately and made me realize that having high education does not make a man act as civilized 'man'. Education alone does not instill good emotional and spiritual values in a person. These three elements put together, will mold a person to be a good and well-rounded person. In other words, a person who not only willingly help other people, feel for other people's hardships but will also avoid bribery and will say NO to all MAJOR miss conducts.

SOCIAL : Technology advancement happens almost everyday!! People have shifted from desktops to laptops, the to iphones, ipad, androids and what not. Life gets simpler and simpler..the pace becomes faster and faster. News and information is at your fingertips. People move from writing blogs to updating posts on Facebook to Twitter. Now friends all over the world are connected 24 hrs!!! I gotta to catch par with my I bought a Galaxy Tab!!

WORK : Heading the department and making sure all academic targets are met is one thing! Being put in charged of 3 major projects this year, is another thing!! God help me..

Well..I guess this is already more than enough to say on my first day revisiting my own blog..


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