Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup

 Apa pendapat anda tentang tindakan emaknya si Melur dan si Pekan? Merajuk sebab tak dapat makan telur ikan tembakul lalu lari bawak diri ke Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup.mesti ada yang mengatakan .."ee..tu orang tua mengada-ngada namanya", "sikit punya hal pun nak dibesar-besarkan", "dengan anak sendiri pun nak amik ati", "dengan budak kecik pun nak berkira" dan macam-macam lagi lah persepsi negatif yang keluar dari kotak pemikiran kita.

Pernah tak anda lalui situasi seumpamanya? Dimana kita memang dah berangan gila-gila nak makan sesuatu tapi tak dapat. Sedih giler kowt!! To me, bab-bab makanan dan makan ni, sangat sensitif. Contohnya, kalau ada orang ajak kita makan, kita pun tunggu dan dah siap simpan perut untuk makan, tunggu punya tunggu, sekali rupanya dia lupa dah jamji nak makan dgn kita, dia gi makan dgn group lain pulak! Rasa nak menitik air mata dibuatnya!

Another example, kita bagi suggestion nak makan sesuatu tapi tak di indahkan pun. Buat tukar topik la, bila kita minta tolong orang belikan, dia seolah-olah aaaa..macam ada hesitation disitu..PERGH!! Lagi sedih!!

Ada plak kengkadang, orang ni dah tahu kita lapar, sebab kita dari tadi asyik dok bercerita pasal perut kita yang keroncong ni. Boleh dia call kwn sorang lagi yg sedang mkn kat kantin tu dan order food untuk dia sorang jer. Kot la nak offer "Tadi akak kata  akak lapar kan, akan nak mkn apa? Saya minta si..belikan, nak tak?" Ni tak, tak perihatin betul!!

I don't know about you, but to me, when it comes to food, someone being hungry, ianya akan terus menyentuh sanubari. Don't know why..but i'm very sensitive to it. I would say that emaknya si Pekan, dah susah payah pergi menangguk ikan, cari makan utk anak2, all she asked for was telur ikan tembakul tu jer. Itu pun anak dia tak boleh nak fulfillkan.Sedih...

So, tolak tepi soal agama dan rasional yang waras, ada orang yang dah pergi Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup dah semalam!! hhhhmmmmm..ntah laa.. :(

Spunky Sally

A Thank You Note

Some teachers..we love them because of their excellent knowledge
and taught us right from wrong,
Some teachers..we love them because they set good example,
a good model, an icon
Some teachers..we love them because they are friendly
or can even be a shoulder to cry on
Some teachers..we love them because they are sincere,
and never expect any reward
Some teachers..we love them because they are honest
Some teachers..we love them simply because they care
I love all the teachers who have taught me through out the years of my life,
All of you have contributed and are responsible for my achievements
Thank You TEACHERS may Allah bless all of you

But there's one teacher
whose presence I can still feel
whose words of wisdom I can still hear
whose spirit always keeps me strong
who had all the qualities I mentioned above
whom I will always love, respect, treasure and miss..
My Dad..Cikgu Mohd. Sidi,

Happy Teacher's Day, Pa
You're the best teacher and the best father in the whole wide world
With all the effort you have put in
With all the sacrifices you have made
With all the affection and love you have given
As a teacher as well as a father,
l cherish the past we shared but miss the future we will not have
I pray that ...
Allah bestow upon you his blessings
And may you rest in peace..amin

Spunky Sally

5 S

IKM KL is working hard for its 5 S certification from MPC (Malaysian Productivity Corporation).

Well, some might not know what is 5 let me share a little bit of info about 5 S here..

'5S' is the name of a workplace organization methodology that uses a list of five Japanese words which are Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke. The list describes how items are stored and how the new order is maintained. The decision making process usually comes from a dialogue about standardization which builds a clear understanding among employees of how work should be done. It also instills ownership of the process in each employee.

Phase 1 (Seiri/ Sort/ Sisih)
To sort and systematically discard items which are not needed at the workplace.
Emmm..that's easy..:) I can think of loads of things at home that can or rather should be discarded..ha ha..

Phase 2 (Seiton/ Set in order/ Susun) : 
To arrange necessary items in a neat and systematic manner so that they can easily be retrieved and returned to the designated places (place for everything and everything at its plac                                                           Everything is labeled, tagged, color-coded or numbered. Easy to find, easy to notice when something is missing, easy to spot when something is out of place.

Phase 3 (Seiso/ Shine/Susun) :
To clean and inspect workplace regularly and thoroughly so that there is no dirt on the floor, machines and equipments. Clean and healthy life style !!

Phase 4 : (Seiketsu / Standardise/ Seragam) :
To maintain a high standard of workplace organization by keeping everything clean and orderly at all times.

Phase 5 : (Shitsuke/ Sustain/ Sentiasa Amal) :
To train people to comply with the quality environment system continuously so that it becomes habitual and ingrained in the culture of  organization.

That's basically what 5 S is all about. It is actually about simple everyday practices which should have been inculcated into children in their early age, so that they will turn out to be very systematic and more organized people. Good practices like these should begin in homes first. Later enhanced in schools. Then, be sustained in workplace.

It's all about clean, safe and condusive environment, efficient and effective as well as time and cost savings.

To My First Born

What you wrote was really awesome..a confession I truely respect..

Why is it always My First Born?..
Coz the first pregnancy had significantly changed my life..
and My First Born certainly has brought me a new, enlightened and joyful life!!!

The bond we created from my womb to the day you were born..
Is a mother and daughter bind that can never be torn

You are as precious as a flower and as gorgeous as a rose

You have been specially made to the very tip of your nose

You are brighter than any star in the sky every time you smile

When times seem too hard to bear & I l feel like giving up..
I vision your beautiful face, the twinkle of your eyes, the first step you made and the first time you called me "Mama"

With the strength and guidance of Allah and the blessings He pours down from above
I want to be the best mom I can be to you and embrace you with all my love

I will always be your mother first, but I'm also your friend
You are the most precious gift, that I've ever been given

Wouldn't want to have you out of my sight
Protect you from any danger, even from a tiny mosquito bite

Try to put in as much as I could
Make sure you get everything that you should

What frightens me the most is..I won't be around forever
To ensure your safety and well being

I want you to be proud of who you are and strive to be the best
Put forth your efforts to achieve your goals and let Allah do the rest

Only when your life is complete and have a wonderful family of your own..
I know I can close my eyes and Rest In Peace...

Always remember my feelings towards you and how significant and important you are to me, even when i am no longer around..

With All My Love,


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