A Tribute to My Beloved Family

To be part of a family is to be in a relationship. There is an opportunity for a closeness and trust that cannot occur outside family. With this possibility for closeness is the possibility of hatred and estrangement. It is not easy to maintain positive relationships with those that we are naturally closest to. There are tensions that exist between family members that are not present in other relationships. Being in close proximity means that you know of persons great attributes as well as their faults. Maintaining family relationships is a tremendous challenge.

Dear Family...

When you've got a family like mine,
You definitely would not mind

They would be there to cheer for you,
All the way until you pull through

They make you feel good when you are blue
And whisper in your ear, I love you

They would teach you new things everyday
And help you find success in every way

They attend to your everyday needs
Whether it is buying pencils or beads

They assure you comfort wherever you are
Whether you are in a house or a car

They would not let obstacles keep you down
And create a smile from your frown

They teach you wrong from right
And encourage you to keep your dreams in sight

They wipe your tears away when you are sad
And calm you down when you get mad

Thank you family for all that you do
I don't know where I would be if it weren't for you...

The memories that are made are more precious than gold
from babies to weddings from young and to old

From grandparents to grandchildren and everyone in between
the many special relationships that are built
and could have never been foreseen

Thank you Allah
for my big family I will treasure through the good times and bad
the memories could not be measured

Thank you Allah
for birthdays, simple get-togethers and even the tears
for I pray that these blessings last many, many more years

To have a big family
can be a lot of work, not just play
but unfortunately... life is too short



Shima Ibrahim said...

Thank YOU too for being such a great parent that anyone could ever asked for or even imagined~! Love you always. ^_^

Spunky Sally said...

shima : you are most welcom

Noraishikin Mohd Salleh said...

Mama..you have no idea how glad i am to be a part of the 'BIG FAMILY'. Love you and our family sampai kiamat :)

Spunky Sally said...

really really glad you, din and huda are part of the 'BIG FAMILY' too.

luv all of u sampai kiamat gak

tchersally said...

blessed to be in this big family of yours/ours..

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