Thinking about our good times
Slept with tears in my eyes
Wondering why did it happen...?

Thinking about our good times
Slept with tears in my eyes
Wondering what did I do wrong...?

Still thinking about our good times
Woke up with tears still in my eyes
Was it too much to ask for...?


Now I see
I'm too late
Too late to ask
Someday... I will never ask again
Someday... it will never happen again
Never ever again!

Spunky Sally

Another Weekend To Remember

Yes indeed, yesterday was one of the days that I would save in my Sweet-Memories folder.

Started quite early in the morning, along with Shasha, into the kitchen. Shasha made the steamed kaya n butter bread!! Mmmmmm delicious!! After breakfast - Preparation mode - spaghetti!! Everybody in the family loves spaghetti except Shima..not quite a fan la. Bell Pepper, yellow onions, lots of mushrooms, ground beef and of course Prego sauce!! all together in a big pot!!! 3 packets of spaghetti. Banyaknya!!! Bole ke abis nih?

After having the sauce cooked with full of love, Shasha began to cook her specialty..Cream Caramel!!! Which is also our family craze! Syafiq arrived. Havent seen him since Hari Raya. Welcome Syafiq!! Then Kamal Fahmi arrived. Welcome Fahmi. The table is set and we were then ready to dine...
ROUND 1. The effort really paid off as I noticed how much they enjoy and appreciate your meal!! Puas hati...

Pencuci mulut..limau tangerine, best, manis-manis masam...hhhaaauuuk kenyang!!
I retired inti our bedroom and had a 5-minute nap while the kids continued to chat and watch tv in the family room. At around 4 pm, we all went out in NAZA to TUDM Muzeum. Syafiq and Shima enjoyed taking pictures since both of them are really into photography. Spent about one hour there. Danish sure enjoyed sitting in the cockpits and daydream about being a fighter pilot! We were lucky coz on the way back home, it poured like hell. When we reached home, guess what we did?...
ROUND 2. Heated up the spaghetti sauce. Din, Shasha cooked her second Cream Caramel. Din, Syikin and Along arrived, just in time.....

After maghrib we sent Fahmi back, Syafiq, Syikin, Din and Along pun balik...
Alhamdulillah..rasa bahagia dan tenang sekali bila dapat bersama-sama anak2 dan kawan2 mereka. Really enjoyed their company and looking forward to their next visit..perhaps a mini family bowling tournament...:)))

Spunky Sally


    Kalau masa zaman Mama sekolah dulu...perkataan RAGUT ni selalunya digunakan untuk 'lembu ragut rumput', 'kambing ragut pucuk jambu', 'padang ragut'.... Tapi sekarang RAGUT dah sinonim dengan manusia...mungkin manusia yang otaknya sama mcm haiwan yg bernama lembu atau kambing.

Aik..!!?? Bila plak Alang Jay pi bergambar kat padang ragut nih?? Macam tahu2 jer Mama nak cerita pasal padang ragut....

    Lately ni, kejadian ragut dah menjadi-jadi sehingga ada yang menyebabkan kematian! Siut betul demer ney!! Nak duit cara mudah dan cepat..samun orang, ragut beg tangan orang! Ragut nyawa dia baru tau!!

    Minggu lepas, ari Selasa, kawan Mama was driving home from school, stopped kat traffic light in Pandan Jaya, tetiba datang satu kereta Kancil berenti tepi kereta dia. Keluar la si mamat Melayu ni, dgn menggunakan bata, dia pecahkan cermin kereta kawan Mama tu (sebelah penumpang hadapan...where she put her handbag). Grabbed the handbag and fled off. Sakit ati dengar kan???

   Dua hari lepas plak, dengar cerita kawan Mama (jiran sebelah rumah masa kat Kuchig), skang tinggal di MINDEF, pun kena samun dgn cara yang sama. Tried to call her to get the exact story but couldn't reach her until today.

    So, to all the ladies out there, please be extra careful and be more alert of your surrounding especially when you are traveling alone. For those muslim ladies, before stepping out of the house make sure u recite ayat Kursi at least once..insyaAllah, we will be protected by Allah all the time....

Spunky Sally

...and they live happily ever after

Semasa lunch hour...

 Hari ni I've decided not to go anywhere..so, just hang around the office. Switched off the lights and one of the air-conds (ini mmg langkah penjimatan pejabat). Since Facebook dah kena block..I checked my e-mails, read online news,  tgk MARA nyer web..kot2 ada apa2 yg new and interesting. 

Rasanya hidup sangat boring tanpa Facebook..feels like you've been cut off from the world that is moving around you. Jadi serba tak kena rasanya. Kejam betul depa yang sekat Facebook ney!!! FB bukanya ganggu pon..infact it is one easy way to stay connected to family, members, friends sand colleagues all the time ... while working!! The wonderful thing about FB is...it's free!!!! Well ada jer smart ass yg tak boleh tengok orang senang..

However..as a normal human being, yang mana orang tak bagi tu, yang tu la lagi rasa nak buat kan..? Yesterday tried FB through BTunnel.com..dapat, tapi slow gilller! So, ari ni, one of my English teachers, Salman, suggested that I buy this device to be plugged in to my PC and this device should be able to connect with his broadband (in the teachers' room, upstairs). He will then upgrade his broadband and those sharing will share paying the monthly charges of his broadband. Sounds really good..so let's give it a try!! Nak block sangat.....pppiiiiirrrrrah!!! Hengat haku tak ghetti buat cara len ka??? Lu pikir la sendri!!!

Anyway, Salman has not yet return from Low Yat...hope the plan works and all of us here can enjoy FB again and live happily ever after!!!!

Lambat sangat si Salman ni pon...tidoq lagi baguihh!

Gambar Hiasan yer...

Spunky Sally

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