Pain pain go away

Pain pain go away!
Please don’t come back another day.

Wonder if he cares about me.
Wonder if this is supposed to be.

Tears falling down my face,
oh how I wish no one could trace.

Feel thrown into a deep, dark hole,
I was lost couldn’t find my soul.

How can he stand there and break my heart
How did he allow us to grow so far apart?

How could he builds happiness out of my grief,
I was choked with disbelief.

Pricking pain right in my chest,
I’ve lost my senses don’t know what’s best.

My dreams of us being happy is never coming true
all I am feeling now is down and blue.

But then...
You came back

Pain pain go away,
Cause he’s back and chose to stay.

There he stood thinking back in time,
where he loved me and he was mine.

He said..
“So sorry I did this to you,
I will not stop loving you that much is true,
I realize I love you, I do, I do
For all I knew, I really need you..”

He said..
“Please darling give me a second chance..
To the love music we shall dance.
And let me offer you a warm embrace
and wipe out your tears flowing down your face.”

He said..
“Pain pain go away
I’ve learned my lesson through the hard way
leave us alone and do not stay.”

Spunky Sally


tchersally said...

MasyaAllah!! this is another masterpiece..those lines are actually what he said to so more pain..he chose to stay..and indeed we are dancing to d happy tune again..

thank you sis..

Spunky Sally said...

You happy...I happy..

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