I was really shocked to learn that our buddy, during college, Shah,
passed away due to heart attack. It made me realize that life is so
fragile and death can do us apart anytime.

This tells me that I must spend the time given to us through the
best way I can. Enjoy life with the ones I luv don't take them
for granted. Appreciate what I have, be empathetic...feel for others.
This will make me a more sensitive and a better person.


tchersally said...

I was so shock with the news too..eventhough I didnt know him personally, but the 3 weeks we spent at ur place in Huntsville and the road journey to Florida way back in 1995, with him tagging along with us had made him apart of our family.
I cant imagine thr grieve that his family is going through right now. But a cancer patient once said "death is the celebration of life"..still cant digest the meaning though..huhu

Spunky Sally said...

Correction! It was back in 1985 sis...not 1995. takes forever to overcome grief.

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