Kalau tak sure tentang kesahihan sesuatu maklumat itu...jgn komen..jgn retweet dan jgn share. Kalau lah benda tu x betul macam mana? Kita kena bijak menyaring dan menganalisa maklumat nak nak yg dalam FB ni...sesiapa sj boleh buat maklumat dan boleh di upload guna nama sesiapa pon..kalau perkara tu tak betul macam mana? Nanti sudah tentu kita kena tanggung dosa fitnah..dosa orang-orang yg mengutuk, mencemuh dan mencaci dalam post yg kita retweet or share td tu.. Share lah material yang boleh meningkatkan ilmu dunia dan akhirat, ilmu yg boleh meningkatkan kecerdasan minda dan emosi supaya kita boleh jadi umat yang syukur, sabar, soleh, sayang, segak, syumul. Jaga perkataan kerana bahasa menunjukan bangsa atau bahasa juga menunjukkan 'jenis' manusia apa kita ni dan bahasa juga melambangkan tahap IQ dan EQ kita. Jadi, fikir sebelum bercakap..kadang2 tu lebih baik x payah bercakap.. Siapalah kita nk mempersoalkn aqidah orang..Maaf sekiranya ada yg cuma sekadar bercakap bukan dibawah naungan mana-mana warna bendera..Renong-renongkan ya..semoga kita semua beroleh kecemerlangan dunia dan akhirat

Blog Revisited...

It's been quite a while since I last wrote or I should say that it's been almost a year since I last wrote .. been quite busy with family matters, work and social engagements.

Many things happened, observed and experienced. Most of which taught me a lot about life, adding wisdom which I really treasure.

POLITICS : A lot has transpired lately and made me realize that having high education does not make a man act as civilized 'man'. Education alone does not instill good emotional and spiritual values in a person. These three elements put together, will mold a person to be a good and well-rounded person. In other words, a person who not only willingly help other people, feel for other people's hardships but will also avoid bribery and will say NO to all MAJOR miss conducts.

SOCIAL : Technology advancement happens almost everyday!! People have shifted from desktops to laptops, the to iphones, ipad, androids and what not. Life gets simpler and simpler..the pace becomes faster and faster. News and information is at your fingertips. People move from writing blogs to updating posts on Facebook to Twitter. Now friends all over the world are connected 24 hrs!!! I gotta to catch par with my I bought a Galaxy Tab!!

WORK : Heading the department and making sure all academic targets are met is one thing! Being put in charged of 3 major projects this year, is another thing!! God help me..

Well..I guess this is already more than enough to say on my first day revisiting my own blog..


He is a good husband
Who portrays how a loving and responsible
husband should be
Really love the way you treated Mama
The bond u two had was unbelievable

He's there...
A firm foundation,
A sturdy hand to hold to,
In times of stress and strife,
In times of fear and in sickness too.

He is a man of very few words
His dreams are seldom spoken
And so are his wants
Most of the time his worries
Will be kept unspoken too

He taught me lessons about life,
What's right and what's wrong.
And instilled in me values,
So I would be good and strong

"Kalau bercakap semata-mata nak menyakitkan hati orang..
baik tak payah bercakap"
Speak only when necessary, he said
so you won't hurt people's feelings

He never complains
What more to shout in anger

He takes things as they are
a very obliging person he is

It's been 4 years now since he was gone
they say we'll forget over time
but not me and my sis
the further he goes
the more he is missed

Sometimes I long to give him a call
To share my happiness, sorrow and all
To break exciting news about my children
Or to talk about issues of his interest
Suddenly I feel the chills run up through my spine
as I realize that he's no longer there...

Though You Have Grown...

I remember 25 years ago,
you were so tiny then.
I can't help but wish,
that you were small again.
I've cried when you've faced heartaches,
and have learned, that as you grew,
you've developed confidence,
and strength of your own.
I'm filled with mixed emotions,
as I hold back all the tears
thinking that the time will come,
when I shall let go of your hands.
When I first held you in my arms,
if only I'd have known,
the years would feel like moments,
after you had grown. aren't a child anymore,
though in my eyes,
I guess you'll always be,
that baby girl who had changed my life,
and means the world to me.

Spunky Sally

Amaran pd Kaum Hawa

Amaran pada Kaum Wanita dan kepada sumer kaum perempuan yang memandu, Kes ni betul2 menakutkan.

This is something I got from a friend of mind..scary..
Kesah ini  betul2 terjadi kat Penang
Ingat lagi tak dgn kes Ms Canny Ong yang dirogol dan dibunuh??

Kisah nya..ada seorang perempuan ni berhenti dekat stesen gas "pay-at-the-pump" untuk isi minyak..sebaik saja dia siap isi minyak tu dan nak beredar,seorang pekerja kat situ buat pngumuman yang kad kredit perempuan ni ada problem sikit..pekerja tu suruh perempuan ni masuk ke dalam untuk bayar..tapi perempuan ni confused la sebab transaksi menunjukkan yang pembayaran kad kredit dia diluluskan dan tak ada masaalah apa2 pun.. so perempuan tu bagitau la pekerja tu dan dia pun bersedia nak beredar ke kereta dia balik..tapi pekerja tu tetap bertegas dan suruh dia masuk dalam..perempuan tu pun decided untuk masuk ke dalam...sebaik aje dia masuk kat dalam..dia mula marah kat pekerja tu..

lalu pekerja tu suruh dia bertenang dan bagitau hal sebenarnya.. .nak tau apa?

sebenarnya masa perempuan tu dok isi minyak,pekerja tu nampak ada laki menyelinap kat belakang kereta perempuan tu dan pekerja tu dah pun telepon polis..

perempuan tu pun apalagi, takut la..dia pun try intai dan dia nampak pintu kereta dia terbuka dan lelaki tu keluar dari kereta dia..

Sekarang ni..ada laporan yg mengatakan yg sekang ni ada gang yang amik body part orang pompuan..salah satu cara diorang adalah dgn menyelinap masuk kereta ornag perempuan masa perempuan tu tengah pump gas atau beli barang kat kedai TGH2 MLAM!!

kemudian,dia orang akan potong kaki perempuan tu untuk memudahkan diorang culik dan bunuh perempuan tu..

satu cara lagi pulak,dia orang akan masuk kedalam kereta yg tak ada orang dan tak berkunci  kemudian culik perempuan tu dan bunuh dia orang.Semalam pun ada Crime Investigation di Astro menceritakan kes yg sama di Hong Kong . Tapi perlakunya adalah pemandu teksi yang mengambil penumpang perempuan selepas lepas tengan malam. Memang ngeri.

Sila panjangkan kisah ini pada sesiapa yg anda kenali.

Bagi kaum perempuan elakkan keluar bersaorangan diwaktu malam.

P/S: amalkanlah suratul kursi.. dan berdoalah dan meminta perlindungan dariNya.. insyaAllah.. perlindunganNya akan sentiasa pd hamba-hamba Nya yang meminta padaNya..

Dilemma of A Mother

Every mother in the world will be more than happy to see their children happily married n have wonderful children n family of their own..

I hate to think of it ..but soon I'll have to hand over my children to the people whom they have chosen. But when I gave it a deep thought..I know now that this is not going to be easy for me, Now I know how my mother must have felt when I told her " Ma, I met a guy..I love him so much and we are planning to get married. Hope you give us your blessings"...

When the time comes, I know I'm going to burst into joy..but to tell you the truth..deep down..I'm not really sure!! What really scares me is ... are they the kind of persons whom I can really trust, who can take over my responsibilities, who will shower my children with love, care and happiness, who will always be there in sickness and in health, who will guide my children and grandchildren through the right path of Allah..

 To me, no matter how old you are, you are still my babies.Well, I guess I'm just being normal..protective..just want to be sure that all my children get the best out of everything, that's all. So...when it's time for me to GO, I can be absolutely 100% sure that all of you are left in good hands...only then, I can rest in peace...

It feels like it was just yesterday when I changed your diapers, nursed you, bathing & lathering you with soap, smothering your body with baby talcum powder,  putting you to bed, tying up your shoes, sending you to school, watching you perform in your school concerts, breaking up your fights, tried to be a doctor when you guys really need one, putting 'bandaids' on your cut knees and many more priceless memories...Regardless of the hustle and bustle of bringing you guys up, I enjoyed every bit of it and I'm happy that I was given a chance to bring all of you up on my regrets!!

I Know one day I have to let go of your hands....

When the time comes..I know each time I'll be excited, overwhelmed n happy on the outside..but there's still a tiny part in this mother's heart that will definitely sob and sob and sob...thinking that one by one a child is lost..


Spunky Sally

Renong-renongkan lah...

       Islam adalah satu agama yang sangat menitik beratkan tatacara dan peradaban di dalam segenap aspek kehidupan harian. Nak makan ada adabnya, nak tidor ada adabnya, nak sembahyang ada tertib dan adabnya malah nak keluar masuk bilik air pun ada adabnya.
       Sepatutnya dengan nilai-nilai agama dan nilai-nilai ketimuran yang sanat cantik ini, kita sepatutnya menjadi bangsa contoh tetapi mana perginya nilai adab dan sopan orang-orang kita? Orang kita sombong dan penting diri sendiri. Lihat saja di jalanraya..? Bawak kenderaan macam dia sorang je yang ada di atas jalanraya pada waktu itu. Aku nak bagi signal ka tak nak bagi signal ka..itu aku punya pasal la..tak ada lansung persaan nak mengalah atau beri laluan pada orang lain. Selfish!! Tanda YIELD lansung tak releven pada pemandu-pemandu kita. Agaknya dia faham tak apa maksud YIELD tu? Kalau tak faham pon, kalau dari segi logik dan peradaban, kalau kita dari jalan kecik nak masuk jalan utama mestilah bagi laluan pada kenderaan di jalan utama. Ini tidak, kalau dapat ciluk dia ciluk, sampai kenderaan di jalan utama pulak yang kena mengelak! Hish!! Tak ada lansung istilah 'mengalah' pada orang-orang macam ni.

      Kalau kita tengok pulak semasa nak masuk ke dalam pejabat atau pun bank..jarang ada yang tolong pegangkan pintu itu supaya orang dibelakang dapat masuk dengan mudah. Jauh sekali kalau nak cepat-cepat tolong bukakan pintu dan bagi kaum wanita atau orang lain masuk dahulu. Kadang-kadang tu (pernah terjadi pada diri saya sendiri) bila saya tolak pintu untuk keluar ada makhluk mencelah masuk dari depan!! Lelaki pulak tuh !! Punya malas nak tarik handle pintu, pas tu buat muka tak bersalah..SIUTT!! Apalah salahnya..tunggu kita keluar dulu atau pun better still, tunggu orang dari dalam keluar dulu, pas tu tolong la pegangkan pintu tu dan bila orang dah keluar, ko masuklah. Dekat lif pun macam tu lah..tunggu la orang keluar dulu baru ko nak masuk..eeeee!!

         Dekat mesin ATM lagi satu masalah..ader jer tong sampah kat situ..tapi slip transaksi bersepah-sepah bertaburan di atas lantai!! Kalau semua orang ambil resit tu dan simpan dalam poket (kalau malas nak bubuh dalam tong samapah)..tak perlu ada tong sampah pun kat situ.. BO...H!!

        Orang yang jaga kaunter pertanyaan atau cashier di pasaraya kena la ada adab sopan pertuturan, sentiasa senyum. Cakap la perkara yang menyenangkan hati pelanggan. Contohnya kalau mat salleh tu mesti dia cakap "Yes, how can I help you sir?" "thank you maam and have a nice day!" atau pun bila tiba musim perayaan, bukan dekat kaunter jer, bila berselisih pun mereka akan senyum dan wish "Merry Christmas!!" Ini tidak bila kita kata selamat hari raya kat dia..dia buat derk jer!! BE...G!

       Banyak lag perkara-perkara yang sangat menyakitkan hati..malas nak cakap..nanti naik darah pulak. Benda-benda ni semuanya simple jer tapi kita tak boleh buat..bukanya susah nak senyum, nak buang sampah di tempat yang sepatutnya, nak tolong bukakan pintu untuk orang...tapi sikap sesetengah manusia yang bebal..bodoh tak boleh diajar, cerdik tak boleh diikut!! Hai bila la kaum kita ni nak bertamaddun..ahli politik yang berkedudukan tinggi pun bergaduh macam orang tak bersekolah..macam orang tak berpelajaran!! Tak malu!! Tak segan dengan budak-budak ka?? Macam tu ka nak jadi pemimpin???? Orang macam ni ka kita nak jadikan role model??? OF COURSE NOT!!

Spunky Sally

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