A Thank You Note

Some teachers..we love them because of their excellent knowledge
and taught us right from wrong,
Some teachers..we love them because they set good example,
a good model, an icon
Some teachers..we love them because they are friendly
or can even be a shoulder to cry on
Some teachers..we love them because they are sincere,
and never expect any reward
Some teachers..we love them because they are honest
Some teachers..we love them simply because they care
I love all the teachers who have taught me through out the years of my life,
All of you have contributed and are responsible for my achievements
Thank You TEACHERS may Allah bless all of you

But there's one teacher
whose presence I can still feel
whose words of wisdom I can still hear
whose spirit always keeps me strong
who had all the qualities I mentioned above
whom I will always love, respect, treasure and miss..
My Dad..Cikgu Mohd. Sidi,

Happy Teacher's Day, Pa
You're the best teacher and the best father in the whole wide world
With all the effort you have put in
With all the sacrifices you have made
With all the affection and love you have given
As a teacher as well as a father,
l cherish the past we shared but miss the future we will not have
I pray that ...
Allah bestow upon you his blessings
And may you rest in peace..amin

Spunky Sally


Mard said...

i've met your dad a few times and he is indeed a great man...

may his soul be blessed.

Spunky Sally said...

Thank you for the comment :)

Noraishikin Mohd Salleh said...

al-fatihah utk arwah Tok Pa..

Spunky Sally said...

Kin : hu hu hu

Sally said...


Mr Lonely said...

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Spunky Sally said...

Mr. Looney,
Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'll drop by yours later ya.

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